Did you see what I did there with that first email?

In the first email, I asked for a micro commitment.

I asked you to take a very specific action.

You might think this is putting a hurdle in your way. Asking you to reply to the email. This does multiple things like improving the email deliverability.

Friction in the sales process can be a good thing and a bad thing. It’s ok to ask people to rise to the occasion as long as you reward their good behavior. Good behavior is them doing what you want them to do, and showcasing you are in control.

Most salespeople use friction the wrong way.

Another example is if you walk into any high-end car dealership you will be made to wait. Like at Rolls Royce there are only two salespeople and you have to wait while they finish what they are doing.

But when you walk into Honda there will be 20 sales reps eager to pounce. Nothing against Honda I love Honda’s. But you can use timing as a friction point as long as you set clear expectations.

One thing that any good hypnotist will do is ask for micro agreements. Move here, turn this way. These micro-agreements get you in the following yes state.

How can you apply this to your sales conversations or sales funnel? 

That’s it for today.



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