Today’s message is about the “Belief Bias” that’s projected on a prospect or client by a salesperson.

We all project our assumptions and beliefs on a person. Think of beliefs as the filter or lens you process the world.

We notice the impact of these assumptions when we create the Winning Conversation Baseline for companies.

Winning Conversations Baseline is when we analyze all of your winnings and losing sales conversations (emails, SMS, zoom meetings, call recordings). This allows us to create a winning sales conversation baseline against which we can compare your current conversations. Are you getting closer to a sale, or further away? 

We do this via Linguistic Style Matching (LSM).

One of the patterns we can see is how different sales reps project different beliefs into the conversation. Therefore impacting the time it will take to close a sale or the objections that are experienced.

Using the Sales Pitch Analyzer we can determine if you believe what you are saying, if you can speak authentically about your product and if even your needs you project into your sales pitch.

The biggest mistake that salespeople make is inserting their beliefs into their conversations.

You can see this anytime a salesperson attempts their pitch. Or if they skip steps in their script. Or if they fail to remind their lead/client about a special offer or incentive active at the moment. 
The Behavior Intelligence platform is one of the only methods that can provide salespeople with a feedback loop on their beliefs. But more importantly how these beliefs are impacting their closing rates.

If you haven’t checked out the book “People IgnorantI share various types of beliefs along with strategies to help you reset your beliefs so they no longer subconsciously sabotage your sales.

Anyway, that’s all for today.

Speak soon.


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