If you are closing deals daily, you’ll start to notice that each of the 4 personality styles buy differently.

If you aren’t closing deals daily you may not have noticed this yet.

But how you approach the close should be different based on each personality.

If you’re new to sales you might be struggling with the close. Because you’re closing in your style and not the buyer’s style.

It gets more challenging if there is more than one party you need to close. Closing couples or companies with multiple decision-makers requires you to alter your approach. 

Each personality style has a unique decision-making process along with specific needs from the close.

When pitching Owls you need to emphasize accuracy, value, quality, and reliability and everything must be backed up by evidence. Then closing them requires logical options with documentation along with sufficient time to analyze. Owls don’t like to be rushed and doing so makes them uncomfortable. When they say ‘ill think about it” they really mean it!

Yet when presenting to Eagles they want to know how to become more successful, save time and generate results. Closing Eagles is as simple as asking them if they are interested and you’ll get a “yes” or “no” response. If you present too slowly or discuss small details you will lose the interest of an Eagle. Therefore you talked yourself out of a sale.

This is just part of what I explain as part of the Bird Selling program.

Improving your sales conversations and conversions requires you to pay attention to the details. 

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I made the mistake for years ignoring the different personalities in my closing techniques. It’s cost me and my clients over $100 Million dollars in sales at least.

I’m sure you’ve seen the buzz around quiz-style marketing. What’s funny is that’s just part of how you can captivate focus. Most of those people fail to personalize their offers which will further improve their conversions. 

But that’s enough for today.

Speak soon.


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