One of the questions I get often is “how do I cut through the noise?”


“How are you cutting through the marketing noise?”

That’s a great question.

Because I’m not sure exactly how you are marketing right now I want to share what I like to do with all of our marketing strategies.

I call it “Extreme Personalization”.

I know that you get bombarded with 2,000+ messages per day. All fighting for your focus.

Remember focus is currency and if you can’t capture it and lead it you’ll fail to close deals. I share more about this in the book People Ignorant.

Most people will generate a target list of customers and approach them all the same. This is what everyone else does and it isn’t good enough anymore.

We take things one step further.

I take the lead list and run it through the Behavior Insights system to tell me the personality types of each of the leads.

Then I segment the list based on their personality types. 

This instantly allows me to craft a more personalized message to this Personality Based list segment based on their motivations, decision-making process, and closing style. Yes, that means I might offer different calls to action that better suit each personality type.

I’m trying to maximize my response rates. Therefore taking the time now to set up this segmentation ensures I’ll have a better response rate.   

If you notice some of the campaigns we run for cold outreach. We use personalized images since they improve response rates. Personalized with the person’s name for example. It’s all about capturing focus. 
Try different ways to personalize your message.

Example personalized used to captivate focus.

Don’t worry there are simple software solutions you can use to do this stuff. Behavior Sales is one of the only companies that allows you to personalize your lead list or client list based on personality types.

But that’s enough for today.

Speak soon.


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