That’s right I said it. They suck. 

Here are 3 reasons why personality assessments suck.

But Ben don’t you provide personality assessments and consulting services?

Yes, we do but the personality assessment model is broken. Here’s why.  

  1. Personality Assessments analyze your perception mask.

    There are three masks that we wear as part of our identity. (1) Our public mask,  (2) Our core self, (3) Our mirror. The assessment process analyzes your core self or what you think about yourself at a given time. Often without contextual awareness of how you change under different circumstances. The core self is like a photo in time. 

    Yet, our personality is a video that is constantly reacting to life around us. Even though we have a core self we have different public masks we wear based on how we are selling ourselves to the world. For example, your Linkedin profile is selling you as a professional with years of experience. Your Facebook account is selling you as a person with a fun and exciting life.

    Your public mask is always going to be out of sync with who your core identity is and therefore the data we analyze shows this. This misalignment in the data is not acceptable for some people. 

  2. Personality Assessments get forgotten

    The biggest comment I get from people on a daily basis is that “I did a personality assessment a long time ago and forgot what I was.” Assessments are used to create a brief moment of awareness without the how-to steps of using this information on a daily basis.

    This is due to the way assessments have been sold by the industry for the last 30 years. They get sold as a one-time thing to learn more about you. Because the technology and tools weren’t available to help people implement and use personality intelligence on a daily basis. Consultants get paid to sell one-time assessments usually with a training program for an event. What they don’t offer is a model for how to implement personality intelligence into your life.

    For example, companies that embrace personality intelligence create a more productive culture. Because employees are given a blueprint on how to communicate with each other. This effective culture empowers people to feel connected to their workplace further improving performance.

  3. Fail to notice change.

    Personality is not static and it’s influenced by several factors. Personality assessments have been sold as a static image of this is who you are. However, this creates a biased lens through which people view the world.

    With Sales Insights, we are analyzing communication to detect change. For example, we can detect when a salesperson is stalling or is losing interest in their job. This loss of interest is usually when they start looking for another job.

    We can predict churn due to customers losing interest in the product or service, weeks and months before action is taken. This gives companies opportunities to save a relationship before it’s soured.

    Behavioral Intelligence is about detecting and monitoring change. It’s the changes that provide us insights and opportunities in how to take action. 

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Even though personality assessments suck. Behavioral intelligence provides companies with a competitive advantage when this data is used correctly.

But that’s enough for today.

Speak soon.


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