Welcome to the Lottie drama.

This is Lottie… a 2-Year-Old Cocker Spaniel

Lottie is the 2-year-old cocker spaniel that I rescued.

Lottie is really smart! We taught her to speak using the pet fluent buttons.

That’s right. We can have conversations with our Lottie.

But I’ll talk more about that in another email.

Lottie suffers from a posturing issue that most salespeople also struggle with. 

That’s right. 

Lottie has the same behavior issues as salespeople. 

See Lottie doesn’t know how to connect with dogs.

Lottie wants to play and run with other dogs.

Lottie gets excited when she sees another dog and just wants to connect. 

But here starts the drama.

Because Lottie doesn’t know how to connect Lottie posture’s using aggression and growls at the other dog.

Lottie does this to see what type of response the other dog sends back. 

If the other dog sends back aggression, things escalate. 

If the other dog is calm, Lottie isn’t sure how to respond and continues with the aggression for a few minutes. Until Lottie realizes “ohh this is a friend and they want to play.” 

I talk about this posturing dilemma as part of the book People Ignorant.

You might be thinking what does this have to do with sales conversations? 

Well, most salespeople suffer from the same style of dog park aggression. 

You approach a sales call and you 10X your excitement to build your confidence.

You fumble through taking authority and control within the first 30 seconds to then assess your lead.

This is when most salespeople swing between posturing and collapse.

When you do this… you fail to maintain authority and influence.

Your authority collapses like a house of cards.

Instead, you could just analyze their personality type using Behavior Insights. You’d then be able to approach the lead based on their public mask personality. Allowing you to authentically connect without the pendulum swinging between collapse and posturing.

The problem is when you collapse it’s hard to recover.

Then you wonder why you got ghosted.

But that’s enough for today.

Speak soon.


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