Any salesperson has some type of KPI. 

Most of the time we see this is usually about quantity. 

Until now it’s been really hard to measure the quality of sales conversations. And if that conversation is getting you closer to a deal. 

One client we are working with has on average 30 conversations with a lead over 6 months before a deal happens.

Yes, that’s right 30!

I challenged them with this one question. 

Do top-performing salespeople speak differently from bad salespeople?

Interesting thought right… 

Using Sales Insights we can create a Winning Vs Losing Conversation Baseline. 

We analyze all the sales conversations you’ve had. From all the various data sources like Zoom, Emails, Chats etc. This creates a baseline of what is a good sales conversation and what is a bad one.

So now you can compare any conversation you have to this baseline. Just like a plane checking its GPS to confirm it’s flying in the right direction.   

In a world where personalization improves conversions, how do you update your KPI’s?

What can you be doing to track the quality of your conversations?

If you aren’t recording your calls, or meetings that would be a big start. You’ll be amazed at the data you can get. 

If you’re serious about improving your sales. You need to understand what’s currently happening in your conversations.

That’s all for today.



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