Feb 22, 2022.

Video Explainer of Behavior Intelligence Updates

There is always a lot of things happening inside the Behavior Sales team. I’m working on being able to share this progress faster with our community.

Right now the team is working on a brand new Behavior Intelligence platform. This platform launch will include our Chrome plugin, IOS & Android applications. Along with the ability to co-brand and white-label the entire personality intelligence solution.

The platform will be integrated with Zapier, PathFix, Integromat along with our own API.

One of the partners we are optimizing for is Close.io the sales CRM. As part of this integration, we are including the ability for two-way data sync in real-time. This means your sales team can get the behavior intelligence insights directly inside Close.io platform.

BehaviorSales and Close.io Activity Feed integration for Behavior Intelligence.

Here are is a summary of the latest platform updates that are available.

Conversation Dynamics

We now have a visual for how your communication is impacting the relationship with leads and clients. There will be 17 emotion variables that you will be able to choose from here on the conversation dynamics. This allows us to see the impact a person is having on any relationship. We are applying this internally and externally. Based on existing communication channels. One of the other variables that be displayed here is the personality dynamics between parties.

Social dynamics are based on the conversation dynamics between people.

Lead Summary Data

We have the overall lead table. This allows you to see a summary of your leads, clients and the overall dynamics at play. Like the client personality type vs the Sales Rep Personality type. To the current Lead Emotion vs Rep Emotion, along with the Clout (influence) the rep has over the lead.

A summary screen that showcases important data at a glance.

Conversation Activity Analysis

We have a detailed analysis for each activity along with the comparisons to the existing Arc of the conversations with that person over time.

Conversation Activity Analysis by Behavior Sales.

Needs Analysis & Comparison

We have a needs analysis of the Rep vs the lead.

Needs analysis & comparison.

Bird Personality Type Assessment Mapping

As part of our mission to simplify the understanding of personality types. Behavior Sales has integrated the Bird Personality type mapping along with training programs to provide faster adoption of the personality intelligence. We also provide advanced dashboards that include full DISC & Big 5 OCEAN personality metrics as well.

Bird Personality Type mapping

There are a lot of metrics we will continue to add like question analysis. Who is asking questions, what type of questions, and the emotional change after the question was asked? We are seeing data as it relates to that winning conversation baseline and how it’s connected to the sales question framework used by the sales reps.  

There are more features getting released all the time. This is just part of some of the recent updates.
If you want to learn more about the Behavior Insights platform and if it’s right for you. Connect with our team at [email protected]

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