The good news is that the V2 Behavior Sales Behavioral Intelligence platform has launched! You can now access this platform and start using it.

That’s right it’s live.

When you’re building software it can be frustrating at times. But we are making great progress and moving towards the seamless integration of our Behavioral Insights into multiple platforms.

## Since December 2021 here is what we have done:

  • Complete rebuilt the entire BehaviorSales platform.
  • Updated the Behavior Sales platform to included
    • Advanced email look-up
    • Inbuilt profile enrichment.
    • Updated Personality Match prediction.
    • Added text analysis
    • Upgraded the personality algorithm
  • Published the Zoom App for easier access to your recordings
  • Allow automated meeting sync with automated post-meeting insights.
  • Allows Behavior Insights creation for Meeting Registrants
  • Version 1 Integration with
  • Update Sales Insights Reporting
  • Version 1 of Mobile Optimization – much more to come with this. But we have a start.

What we are working on:

  • Chrome Application
  • Zapier Integration
  • Public Api
  • Pitch Me Trainer – Sales person trainer
  • Team Culture Analyzer
  • Improved Insights with recommendations from call data.
  • Integrations with for Behavioral Intelligence and Sentiment. Our goal here is to allow for automated analysis of your conversations, and emails chat messages to provide you with advanced insights.
    • Slack
    • Mircosoft Teams
    • Google Gsuite/Workspace Emails
    • Microsoft Outlook / 0365 Email


Here are some screenshots to help you understand the progress that’s being made.

DISC Personality Assessment – Based on text-only input within answering questions.
BIG 5 – OCEAN personality assessment using text-only inputs.
Single Sign-on SSO integrations to make creating and sharing your accounts easier.

If you have questions please connect with [email protected]